Test: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test

Your physician has requested that you have a cardio-pulmonary exercise test. This will help the medical team in the diagnosis and/or treatment of your pulmonary or cardiac condition. The test will require you to ride a stationary bicycle to your maximal effort while your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing is closely monitored. You should bring clothes and footwear which you can exercise comfortably in. Please eat your regular breakfast before the test as you will need the energy it provides.

You will need to report to the receptionist in the Cardiology Department (Room 2450) located on the second floor of the Providence Building. If you follow the thick red line on the floor by the Information desk of the main floor of the hospital, it will lead you to the Cardiology Department.

Someone will show you where you can change into your exercise clothes and ask you for a complete list of your medication. It is important you take your medications you would normally take the day of your test.

A respiratory therapist and ECG technician will monitor your progress throughout testing. Electrodes will be placed on your chest to monitor your heart rate and rhythm, a finger probe will be placed on your hand to monitor your oxygen level, and headgear and mouthpiece will be used to monitor your breathing. The test will begin and you will pedal at a steady rate while resistance is slowly applied to the bicycle. You will be encouraged to ride as long as possible while maintaining a constant speed. The test does get challenging, however, this is necessary in order for us to accurately measure and assess your ability under an increased workload.

This is only a general description of the test. Please feel free to ask questions or clarification from the therapist conducting the test with you.

Note: In the event that you need to change or cancel your appointment, please notify Cardiology at (604) 806-8032. It is important that notification be given as promptly as possible so that we may service patients that are on a lengthy waiting list.

Reminder of things to bring:

  • Your Care Card
  • Clothes to exercise in
  • List of current medications