Location & Parking


How to get to the Pacific Lung Health Centre in St. Paul's Hospital:

  • Enter the hospital through the Burrard Street Entrance.
  • Follow the blue line (on the floor) to the elevators on the main floor. To get there you will need to climb one flight of stairs. (If you cannot, please use the elevator at the bottom of the stairs).
  • Take the elevator to the 8th floor.
  • Go to 8B (on the east side of the elevators). Both the Pacific Lung Health Centre and the Pulmonary Function Lab (for breathing tests) are located on the 8th floor.
  • If you park in the underground parking at St Paul's, use the lower level parkade and take the elevators to the 8th floor. Proceed to 8B.
  • If you are lost, an information booth is located on the main floor next to the Burrard Street entrance.


Parking Lots

St. Paul's Hospital has an underground parking lot, as well as a small open-air lot off Thurlow and Comox Streets. There are designated patient parking spots in the underground lot that is accessed off of Burrard Street but please note that these lots are often full. Disabled parking places are reserved in the underground parking off of Burrard Street and are near each bank of elevators. In addition, there are several parking lots within walking distance of the hospital.

Metered Parking

Metered parking can be found along Burrard Street and other nearby streets. Most meters accept quarters and loonies. Keep in mind that meters along Burrard and other major streets may not be in effect during rush hours.

Street Parking

Non-metered street parking may be difficult to find close to St. Paul's Hospital. The majority of street/lane parking is for local residents only (who have parking permit decals).

Dropping-off or Picking-up

Temporary parking is available at the Comox Street entrance and on Burrard Street for dropping off or picking up.

Drop off is also available at the Thurlow Street entrance.