Asthma Clinic

The vision of the Asthma clinic is to improve quality of life in patients diagnosed with asthma and to re-evaluate current clinical practices in the management of asthma through a collaborative model of patient care that includes patient involvement in the decision making process. Under the direction of Dr. Del Dorscheid, and in collaboration with other physicians interested in asthma care, the mission of the asthma clinic is to provide state-of-the-art asthma care, coupled with research, including the evaluation of the new therapies.

Clinical Care:

  • The clinic will provide comprehensive evaluation of the patient's asthma status and will recommend/implement management strategies in conjunction with the primary physician including treatment plans for:


  • Rehabilitation/Exercise/Breathing Technique
  • Nutrition/Dietary Modification
  • The clinic will provide management for difficult asthma as well as evaluate patients in whom the diagnosis of asthma is uncertain. The clinic provides asthma education, skin testing for allergies, lung function testing, induced sputum, exhaled breath analysis and quality of life questionnaires.
  • Education will encompass a broad spectrum and will be patient focused.
  • Patients who provide informed consent to allow publication of outcomes and/or participate in research studies are seen in a Wednesday morning clinic; otherwise they can be seen at clinics on multiple other days.

Participating Staff:

  • Dr. Dorscheid and Dr. Schellenberg
  • Sue Attridge RRT and Asthma Educator

Partners & Supporters:

  • BC Lung Association
  • Providence Health Care
  • St. Paul's Hospital Foundation
  • University of British Columbia